A perceptive mentor? What the devil do I mean? Well, after our initial consultation I will have assessed where you need help the most and will be able to prioritise our subsequent sessions, be it training or brainstorming or planning for the future.

As a perceptive mentor, I work with clients on a 1-1 basis to discover what it is that is blocking their path to their own success.

“Hi Clair I rarely write reviews but after all of your help I really felt it necessary. I would just like to say without your consistent, non judgemental encouragement my business would never have got passed a thought in my head. When I felt totally lost, you broke it all down for me and set me mini goals. Made me feel I could do it after all and that I wasn’t totally stupid. I think you threw in a little counselling along the way with my mini break downs and setbacks. Anyone having doubts contact Clair she makes it all make sense. Clair I can’t thank you enough and I look forward to seeing you again soon. Julie x”

As I have discovered during my own journey, often we don’t realise that our past really does have an impact on our actions in the present. Whilst we discover your fears, your stumbling blocks I will work with you to overcome any emotions you may have attached to different aspects of business.

I have discovered with my clients that working in this way, they have a fulfilled sense of achievement and a higher level of self esteem when it comes to the personal and professional life.

Working with Me