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January, that time of the year where your brain is all fired up and you have the desire to nail everything you missed the boat on last year yet your focus is only working part time as it tries to re-instill the festive freedom it experience just a week ago!

I hear ya! But if you don’t get back on that entrepreneurial treadmill now then you will only make life that little bit harder for  yourself next week. Focus is a tricky little bogger, give it an inch and it will take a yard. Like a habit, you have to work on training yourself to focus on activities each day. I’m not here to give you a complete solution to the January ‘slump’, but there is a lot to be said about creating blocks of time each day to complete small tasks.

Have you read Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy? The emphasis of the book is that you get your hardest, most challenging or time consuming task out of the way first. this way you feel like you have achieved something and all of your other small tasks will take less time. It’s true, it does make you feel great but sometimes you’re not in the mood to tackle that one big one!

And what if your focus won’t let you concentrate long enough to complete that task? Maybe your sense of achievement will come from setting yourself the goal of ticking off 3 smaller actions from your to do list. Or reward yourself everytime you work for 60 mins without getting distracted. What works for me won’t necessarily work for you. There are apps out there that can help you regain your clarity. If distraction from your phone is an issue then i recommend Forest: Stay Focussed, designed to help you beat the addiction to your phone. If your Facebook newsfeed is an issue whilst you are working within Facebook on a laptop, you can install a plugin which allows you access to groups and pages whilst making your newsfeed appear blank. Search for Kill My Newsfeed!

I wish you luck as you activate all of your cylinders again this month. It’s definitely taken me a week to get back into the flow.

Look out for a new blog soon in which I’ll list the apps my business couldn’t live without.

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