What are your building block to success?


What is stopping you today from achieving what you set out to achieve?

No time? No customers? No money? Theses are the usual go-to excuses when I challenge my clients. Let’s be honest we can all think of excuses of why we aren’t achieving the success we so desperately want. If you want it bad enough, if you want to succeed to prove to yourself or to others that you can do it then the excuses will soon fall by the wayside.

Having no time is an easy excuse to diminish – it’s purely about better time management. That can be covered in a different blog. Having no money can be a tricky one but there are lots of things you can be doing that are either free or cheap to access.

No customers? Then lets look at why that might be. You have a website and it’s attracting some traffic, you are active on Facebook, you just don’t understand why you aren’t getting the sales you need for your business to grow.

Take a step back and look at the process through the customers eye’s. How are you driving traffic to your website? Are you advertising it in the best way you can to your target audience. Don’t let the word advertising (or marketing for that matter) scare you, you are probably doing it without realising – it might just need to be refined. Your ideal customer isn’t going to find you – you need to find them.

Once they have found you, how simple have you made the sales process for them? Do you have alternative payment options available for example? Try to think of all the possible reasons that customers might not be completing a sale with you.

Is your customer service consistent? Do you have a process in place – inconsistent customer service is a big block to being successful. One wrong review can hugely damage your business. You want your ideal customer to have a smooth transaction with you, receive some great customer service and then they are much more likely to refer you to friends and family.

Blocks to success are usually down to a lack of knowledge or belief or missing skills. Skills can be learnt or you can outsource that part of your business, beliefs can be re-written and knowledge can be also be learnt.

I ask you again, what is the block that is stopping you on your road to success today?

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