Understanding The Importance Of Your Chakras In Business

I guess we should start at the beginning, with the basics of what a Chakra is.

In it’s basic definition, a chakra is an energy centre and for the purpose of this blog I’ll be talking about the main 7 which are commonly talked about in the ‘energy world’, although there are many more we could talk about.

In sanskrit, the word Chakra means ‘disc’ or ‘wheel’, which helps when we are trying to visualise chakras in our energy field. Imagine they are about 3 inches in dimension and cone like in shape with the thinner ending pointing into our bodies, the wider bit of the cone acting like a funnel away from the body. The main 7 are placed along our spine as shown in the image below.

Now, what many people don’t talk about is that some of these chakras have a front and a back. The front chakras are related to a persons emotions and the rear are related to a person’s will. Each and every chakra can be open (preferable) or closed (no great!), they can also be in reversal (past traumas). If we don’t address these, we can become lethargic, angry at the world, have a strong sense of victim about us and feel disconnected to the world.

I’m under no illusion that this blog is only touching the surface of how chakras affect our every lives, that said I do believe it’s important to acknowledge and understand how they can influence our businesses.

So let’s dive in…

BASE CHAKRA – When our base chakra is open and in flow, we will feel vitalised and empowered. Key in networking as other’s will be energised just by being in our presence. Our base chakra is also responsible for guiding us away from old ideas that haven’t worked for us and supporting us in bringing our dreams into fruition.

On the contrary, if we are have a closed base chakra or one that is reversed others could perceive us as not being ‘present’. the impression we make wouldn’t be long lasting. We might even be quite sickly.

When working on the structure of your business, the money side of things or systems – ensure you are grounded and your base chakra is open and spinning in the right direction (clockwise).

SACRAL CHAKRA – A healthy sacral chakra is the source of our creativity and vitality. The seat of how we relate to our emotional experiences. Advice would be to observe any emotions you have towards your business, colleagues, partners, meetings, launches rather than acting on them. If you can master the art of observing your emotions you can manifest anything. (see side note for healthy chakra action!). An open sacral chakra is where you will find your passion, vision and mission for your business.

A blocked sacral chakra would show up as a lowered physical vitality.

Side note – our sacral chakra can be revitalised and cleansed through having orgasms

SOLAR PLEXUS – This is where our planning happens. The thinking through things and the problem solving are linked to an open solar plexus. The gut instinct we often get which can guide our thoughts, come from the solar plexus. If the solar plexus is blocked or in reversal our intuition doesn’t kick in and we rely on the emotions in the Sacral Chakra to guide us. The solar plexus is about thinking and processing information – not taking action on it.

A blocked Solar Plexus can also mean that we can be more influenced by external sources or that we feel not connected to our own source of greatness. Our Ego is based here – if a client is complaining, rude or calling you our publicly, your ego will wake up and sometimes will need checking in on. Actions taken when our ego is in charge aren’t always the most loving or positive.

Your core values are based here and if they are challenged by others you will find yourself feeling out of kilter (training on core values can be found in Revamped Training Den)

HEART CHAKRA – The front of the heart chakra is related to coming and acting from a place of love and seeing others with no judgement, key when running a soul based business. The back of this chakra is also linked to the ego will and going after what we want in the world. If the back of the heart chakra is spinning clockwise then you will see everything as positive – even those obstacles we come across as entrepreneurs – we know there’s a way to overcome them.

However if the reverse of the heart chakra is spinning anti-clockwise then the person will act and feel as is the world is against them. That everything they try simply fails.

THROAT CHAKRA – Very common amongst entrepreneurs as they are asked to communicate authentically, share their stories and whilst this is true the back of the throat chakra can be linked to many fears that are holding us back from reaching our full potential. An open and spinning clockwise throat chakra would see the person being successful and living their purpose. If this is blocked then they won’t be able to receive or take in advice or support from others.

If the back of the throat chakra is closed or in reversal then the individual may hold back from giving their best and avoids revealing their true self. They will have a fear of failure or even of not being liked.

BROW CHAKRA – Otherwise known as your 3rd eye or your sixth sense. If blocked you won’t experience the intuitive knowing or focus that many entrepreneurs have. The ability to visualise and conceptualise reality. On open brow chakra allows us to ‘see’ how the world sees us. Creative ideas are spawned here and these can be easily stiffled by this chakra being closed up (smaller chakra needing less energy flowing through it).

If you find yourself being excessively creative and not being able to implement the ideas into reality then I would invite your to check in on the back of the brow chakra – it is probably closed or in reversal (spinning in the wrong direction).

CROWN CHAKRA – Related to your spirituality and integration of your whole being. An open crown chakra (a the top of your head) will allow you to gain access to clarity of thought and direction in your business.

When you were reading through this did you find yourself thinking about yourself or even of people you know? Have you acknowledge that some (if not all) of your chakras may need some energy healing?


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