We all have the same amount of time. What comes up for you when you think about that?

Do you think about Richard Branson, Kim Kardashian or Karen Brady and wonder how they all achieve what they do in 24 hours?

Does it make you feel like you are failing when you perceive others are succeeding?

Is it true that those who get up early achieve more? I know there are plenty of books that suggest that that’s true.

Take a look at the last 7 days in your life – how much time did you dedicate to:

  • your family
  • your friends
  • social media
  • fitness
  • selfcare
  • your business
  • travel
  • watching TV / boxsets / Netflix

Is it how you want it to look? Where are you spending the majority of your time?

I can’t tell you how to spend your time. But one thing I know is that if where you are spending your time isn’t aligned with your vision, you will always feel on the back foot or that you are failing.

From an energetic point of view, perhaps you’ve inherited some self-sabotage patterns that are subconsciously holding you back from achieving your success. Patterns of procrastination and poor time management are the very common. Inheriting patterns doesn’t mean that you have to allow them to continue to keep you stuck.


We can blame the moon, the planets and project the blame onto our loved ones, however we know in reality that we are solely responsible for what we achieve.

Let me list a few of the things I haven’t achieved this year……

  • sorting out my receipts
  • bulk cooking food
  • finishing my book
  • weight loss
  • writing letters to old friends
  • the list could go on and on…..

How is your list looking of things you haven’t achieved?

The reason I didn’t complete the things listed above is becuase the weren’t important enough for me. They weren’t going to have a direct impact on my life. For some things, like the receipts, I know that I prefer to work on things once and work better under pressure. This belief was reinforced during my degree when I left assignments until deadlines were looming. I also carry this innate feeling that everything will always work out OK in the end.

What  are the reasons behind you not achieving the list you have?


I talk alot about boundaries with people – implementing boundaries so that you protect your time. Time is an asset and it costs money! This could involve learning to say no to things that don’t make your soul sing.

Even if you aren’t a list maker I invite you to write down all the things you would like to achieve before the end of the year.  Set your intentions.

Then ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is this a priority?
  • Does this need to be completed today?
  • Can I delegate this task? (if so, then find someone who can do this for you)
  • Can I do this in one chunk of time?
  • Do I have everything I need to complete this?
  • Do I need support to achieve this? (if so then reach out to someone who can help you)

Once you have a list, I would love for you to align energetically to completing the task you have set your intention of completing. Say this sentence to yourself, outloud preferably…

I’m ready to trust that I have and abundance of time to complete this task, I know I have the knowledge and tools to achieve this. I’m open and aligned to receiving guidance from the universe and accept it with grace and ease. I allow all of this into my energy in all forms, on all levels and at all points in time.

I wish you all the success and happiness that you deserve and know that any patterns that have been holding you back are energetic and can be released when you are ready.

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