Do you need to ditch someone from your life?

We are the product of the 5 people we spend the most time with. Process that for a second and think about who your top 5 people are.

Your partner? Your best mate? Your business partner? Your fellow mums on the school run?

Now I want you to take a moment to consider how these people support you. Do they sometimes bring you down? Do you sometimes feel guilty about creating your own business when you are around them? Is it possible for you to say no to having a coffee date because you have a meeting to go to? Are these people your biggest and best cheerleaders?

The people who we surround ourselves with should be those who are totally on your page, ones that understand the pressures of running your own business. They ‘get’ that you don’t want to be part of the 9-5 crowd, they appreciate that you have taken a risk but they have your back 100%.

Occasionally, it is those closest to us that suck our positivity away from us, being around them is like being shrouded in a big dark cloud. You leave them feeling drained. Your passion for the day has dwindled and all you want to do is sit lifeless infront of the TV watching some monotonous crap. What has happened here is that your usual positive energy has been reversed causing a blockage. This has had an effect on your motivation and subsequently all good intentions to nail your productive day have gone out of the window.

Who are the people who drop you a message out of the blue to keep check on how you are getting on? These are the people you need in your life?


I understand that ditching friends and family can be tricky concept, especially if it’s parents and partners who are the unsupportive ones. Perhaps your list of supporters needs jigging about so you don’t ditch your closest people, maybe their opinions and frequency of visits needs to be reassessed and replaced by those who bring positivity and motivation into your life. Moaning Mum might only get a visit every 2 weeks instead of weekly because you know that her consistent worry and moaning brings you down. On the alternate week you could meet up with that new friend you’ve recently acquired who you just seem to gel with – you’ll come away with a new vigour for life, you know that for sure.

Maintaining and upbeat, inspired, productive life is definitely more fun than being brought down to the doldrums, but it isn’t necessarily easy to keep up on a day to day basis. It’s OK to have an off day from time to time, we are only human afterall, but it’s also important to recognise where our blocks are and how we can return to our positive selves as soon as possible. For this reason I have recently begun training to become a collaborator with the Energy Alignment Method, this will allow me to help you make major shifts within all aspects of your life, keeping all of your energies in flow and allowing the abundance in.

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