Where do you get your inspirationfrom-

We only have to switch on our social media nowadays to be bombarded with motivation quotes and engaging pictures, but do these resonate within you? Do these, often subliminal, messages inspire you to get to your next milestone and to achieve greater things? With the New Year just a few days away are you searching for inspiration for how you want your personal and professional life to look for 2015?

Some people are inspired to drive themselves forward by following, or trying to follow, the same path of somebody famous who might have overcome adversity or an entrepreneur who has become unquestionably rich. Oprah Winfrey, Richard Branson and J K Rowling are some common inspirational figures. Rarely do people look closer to home for inspirational when, quite possibly, it could be easier to replicate.

Personally, I like an inspirational quote here and there, especially if paired with a great picture that I can relate to but it isn’t from here where i draw my inspiration. I’m much more likely to push myself harder and further after hearing stories of people who have succeeded despite difficulties thrown at them. People who I meet on a day to day basis provide me with the inner strength to move forwards and push myself to the next level. This works on a personal and a professional basis, drawing on the experiences of others. But rarely does that come from looking at text on the computer screen.

Where does your inspiration come from? Have you read a book recently that changed your outlook on life? Please let me know in the comments

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