Hashtagging brilliance!

OK, so what is wrong with a tweet like this:

@ClairCFAR Happy #Monday. I’d love to #promote by #beauty #business in #Nottingham

#salon #massage #nails #facial #eastmidlands?

Firstly, it’s quite difficult to read, no? All those hashtags are getting in the blinking way, infact they are making me blink to adjust my eyes to what the message is trying to say. Secondly, there’s no need for all of those hashtags!

So what is a hashtag? Years ago (i may be showing my age) the hashtag symbol was used before a number to denote the word ‘number’. Telephone number would be written as Telephone #. It was a short cut I guess and I believe that’s why there is still so much confusion surrounding the small # symbol.

Nowadays, this simple stamp is a way of communicating effectively through social media. However, as with many things in life, each social media platform has it’s own set of ‘rules’ for how effective the hashtag will be against their ever changing algorithms. The first things to consider is that the hashtag is a way of communicating a topic of interest to your audience. You must consider what your audience might be searching for so that you can show up in their results.

If you are in the beauty industry, you may want to refine your hashtags to be more specific to what you offer for example – it could be eyelash tinting, intimate waxing, rather than the rather large subject of beauty. Similarly, for those in the fitness industry you should consider drilling further down into the industry and the classes / services you offer and both of these examples should include a location hashtag unless you can go worldwide with your business.

In the example tweet above, there were far too many hashtags used. But unless you are ‘in the know’ you aren’t going to know that! But now you know, so no excuses! To make your tweets more legible for your audience on Twitter, good form would be to include 2 -3 relevant hashtags, no more than 4!

Now to confuse people, especially if you link all of your Social Media accounts together, Facebook doesn’t really do hashtags. Well, it does but no-one uses FB to search for things using hashtags. Where as on Instagram you can use a shit ton of hashtags, up to 30!

This is where you need to be careful, if you have your Twitter or Instagram hooked up to your Facebook to post automatically (and  this is a whole other blogs post!), and you are using these posts for business, you might end up looking a bit like a numpty who doesn’t know what they are doing. if you are comfortable going in and editing after they’ve posted to take out the not need hashtags then great. But if you aren’t up to speed on all of that, then please unlink your accounts for now!

Back to Instagram, you can use up to 30 hashtags but rather than putting them all in your initial post or comment, post them all in the second or 3rd comment. Again it’s much more pleasing on the eye for the reader and the Insta algorithms seem to favour this approach too. Check out what I mean on my Insta account.

Is the above clear?

Twitter – preferably 2 or 3 hashtags, no more than 4

Facebook – none

Instagram – up to 30

Struggling with which hashtags to use?  There’s a great site called Hashtagify.me which will let you pop in one hashtag and show you a plethora of linked hashtags that you can use for your business. How cool is that!

If this was helpful for you at all, please share it with those who you see struggling!

If you would like any more tips on maximising Twitter for your business, BOOK IN NOW FOR YOUR MAXIMISING TWITTER FOR BUSINESS SESSION


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