Do you need a coach?

Do you need acoach-

Do you know the reason business coaches, sports coaches, life coaches are called coaches? It really does stem from the mode of transport, coaches. The horse drawn coaches, way back in the ‘olden’ days were used to take people on a journey from one place to another. Can you see the connection now?

Everyone from CEOs, managers, group leaders and sportsmen benefit from having a coach. They don’t employ a coach to beat them up about what they are doing wrong or to point out their inadequacies. Coaches aren’t trained in every industry, that would be an impossibility, but what they do bring is an unwavering, determination to help others succeed.

How do they do this? The time you spend with your coach is entirely about you, your coach should be able to recognise your strengths and how to maximise them to their full potential.The most important aspects of being a coach is engaging trust and having an understanding of confidentiality of everything that is discussed during your time together. Your coach should be able to give you a custom tailored experience which is lead by YOU! Coaching is about finding out what YOUR potential is, how you can achieve new and better things that you though might have been out of your reach.

Your story should be listened to empathetically, this is important for your coach to have an understanding of how you work and reasons for your beliefs and desires. A life of disappointments will lead to an expectation of failure perhaps. Your coach should make you feel like you are really understood.

A good coach will offer effective feedback, will pay attention to your smallest gestures as to what you might actually be feeling about things rather than what you are saying. Verbal behaviours can tell us so much but using eye contact can tell us so much more. Emotional behaviours – avoiding to talk about a certain topic, but can tell a coach an enormous amount as to where that fits in with your overall story and how that can effect your business.

Coaching is a process which can change your mindset to one full of positivity and the drive to achieve your goals. Your coach will help you gain clarity on what you need to do using your skillset.

The one thing your coach can’t do it actually do your work for you, they can help you recognise what is holding you back from success and help create a list of achievable actions to get there.

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