Being consistently consistent.


Do I need a body double? Afterall, I’m always been told I’m everywhere. This makes me giggle as, in reality I’m usually found at home, sat with my laptop on my knee (my happy place). What people mean by this is that I have my shit together on social media. I’m consistent in posting on all of the platforms. I’m not perfect and the odd day may pass me by but on the whole I’m there!

When clients come to me, or even when friends ask me, am I alway on line, is my phone joined to my fingers, how do I create content. Afterall, they don’t want to be tied to their phones all the time so their thought process goes something like this:

  • I need to be on social media ?
    • which platform shall I chose?
      • how often will i post?
        • what will I post about?
          • Who will read it?
            • What time shall I do it?
              • I actually don’t have time to be thinking about this all day
                • It’s just easier to start doing it tomorrow when I have a plan!

And thats where most people fail – at the planning! It’s easy to plan, honestly. You could have a theme for each week, look at international days you can celebrate, direct people to your blogs, your other social media,  your website. Celebrate successes, give your audience a glimpse into your life. There really is so much you could share. And that’s where this week’s blog come into it’s own as I give you a  March 2018 calendar to help you plan! The middle of March has lots of national / international events on which you can use to elevate your content. There are of course scheduling tools you can use to help you with all of this – I have mentioned my favourites in previous posts but here they are again:

Planoly – scheduling for Instagram, allowing you to see the aesthetics of your grid  before you post

Tailwind – scheduling for Pinterest and Instagram (don’t discount Pinterest)

Buffer / Hootsuite – great apps for scheduling tweets

And Facebook’s very own scheduling tool which can be found within pages and groups (of which you are admin).

Being consistent does take some planning, winging it is never something I would advise you to do and not only causes you more stress but probably takes more time too. I therefore invite you to download the A4 March Planner and spend some time thinking about how you can plan to be everywhere all the time for a month.

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