It’s not a word you come across everyday is it? But it might be a feeling that you are experiencing without realising what it is. For me as an Energy Alignment Mentor feeling dissonance means I am completely out of whack with life in general.

Dissonance arises when your core values aren’t being met. But how do you know what your TRUE core values are? The ones that really fulfill your soul and make your heart happy. Dissonance can manifest as haivng troubles sleeping, feeling overwhelmed, being unhappy and not knowing why, feelings of anger and frustration, lack of motivation, stress – those low vibration emotions and feelings that make you feel like you are wading through mud at all times.

I have 8 core values that are completely aligned with my head, my heart and my hara. They keep me focussed in my business, in my relationships, with clients and colleagues.

Your core values aren’t words that you simply pluck out of the thoughts in your head, they are words that you are energetically connected to, that you have inner harmony with.

If you are interested, mine are:

Inner Harmony,

Using the Energy Alignment Method to determine my core values was eye opening, words that I believed ‘should’ have been included turned out to be not so much as a priority for me. This is the main reason I use EAM when making decisions that influence my day to day life, that impacts others and my happines.

Moreover, highlighting your Core Values for yourself and within your business will ensure that you and those you work with are driven towards the same outcome, that you work cohesively together, that your overall messaging is congruent with who you are and what you represent.

I recently listened to a YouTube video, in which the lady spoke about adjusting your values to those of the business you are working in – I can’t understand why I would compromise on my core values, why I would want to. I can understand adjusting behaviours in the workplace but not your core values, they are the words that would show inside of you if you were to broken in half like a stick of Blackpool rock (sorry for the no British people who don’t know what a piece of Blackpool rock is!), they are are you, they are the words that make you complete.

What would you have as you core values and would you be happy for me to challenge you on them, in a nice encocuraging way of course!