Are You Confusing Your Potential Clients?

I’m going to launch right in here, being straight to the point is one of my traits, some may say it’s a positive others may take offence. But let me tell you straight off that you might be doing it wrong!

“What am I doing wrong?” I hear you ask, “Enlighten, me”

Well, in short, I think you might be confusing your potential clients.

Let me explain.

In all businesses, clients experience a life cycle – much like many things in life, day comes after night, the seasons, seeds grow into trees and then re-seed themselves. Shall we consider Bob’s experience? Who’s Bob? I don’t know but I didn’t want to refer to ‘potential clients’ all the way through this.

The beginning of the Bob’s cycle with you when he first becomes aware that you / your business even exists, his first encounter with you – there is no set way for this to happen, it can be face to face, through a marketing campaign or from word of mouth. But Bob likes what he is seeing and is considering working with / buying from you.

And this is where the confusion may begin – you have acknowledged Bob’s piqued interest in your services and you skip a step in the cycle, you move straight into your tried and tested sales pitch -but Bob is confused, he’s not entirely sure what it is you are offering, not entirely sure what his options are or what the experiences are of others who have worked with you. You’ve gone from first date to buying the engagement ring in one very quick move. I appreciate you are keen but, give Bob some love first, at least let him learn more about you – nurture him, educate him on the pros (not so much the cons!) of working with you.

The getting to know you stage is often missed, but for me is the most important step in this cycle for both you and Bob. It gives you an idea of what Bob’s needs are and how best you can support him. And how you and him are a match energetically. He’s much more like to want to do business with you when he sees how awesome you are for himself. Not once, in my role as a mentor, have I ever had a session with someone without having prior knowledge of the areas they need support with, this allows me to consider how our professional relationship can move forwards. You can apply this to any industry, not jus at service based one.

Photo Credit: The Guardian

We are in the Christmas season currently, the amaxing John Lewis advert was launched a few weeks ago, you know the one with the cute, accidental,fire breathing dragon – what an amazing advert. It brought John Lewis to the forefront of our minds, this long standing, iconic, national brand, that we all know is there has reintroduced themselves to us (stage 1), and now we are in the nurturing stage with them as we see their smaller Christmas ads, still featuring Excitable Edgar. They are educating us. Go instore or online and you will be entering stage 3 – the transaction !

Whoo hoo, Bob wants to purchase from you – fan-bloody-tastic. Congratulations, you did it. Note how we are only at stage 3 – there’s another 2 stages to go yet!

What’s next for Bob and your’s relationship? The upsell – I hate the word upsell but it’s a word we all understand. Mcdonald’s upselll – ‘would you like fries with that?’. Sublte upselling in supermarkets with the chewing gum and snacks near the tills. What classes as upselling? All those things you never mean to buy in the first place. Ikea is probably the best at this, we (I!) can’t ever go to Ikea without leaving with candles, a blanket or maybe a plant! None of which I intended to buy and my bank balance doesn’t appreciate.

Never assume that the price Bob is paying for your orginal product or service is all the disposable cash Bob has to spend. What else do you have in your business tool kit that bob might benefit from too? What can you bundle together for Bob to enjoy? Dont’ be afraid of letting Bob know about all these extra, fabulous services / products you can provide. You are now exiting stage 4 and moving Bob into his final stages with you…….stage 5…….

Nearly time to say goodbye to Bob, or is it? Bob has enjoyed his time with you, you have given him clarity at each step of his journey – don’t let him leave without getting him to share his experience! Testimonials are a fab way of planting the seeds for the next generation of Bob’s to come to you. But perhaps you will see Bob again, expanding on and growing your range of products and services and taking Bob straight back into stage 2 (nurturing / educating) would continue Bob’s life cycle with you as he willingly wants to experience YOU and your products all over again.

Are you certain of your stages?

Would you like your clients to have full clarity on their lifecycle with you?

Get in touch in and let’s chat.

Let me know when you’re ready