And so it begins…..

I’m in the same boat right now as many of you will be reading this. I’m in the process of building the basics of a new business so that when I’m ready to launch people have something to actually see and not just word of mouth references. I don’t have a pretty product to entice you in with, it’s just me and my experience.

Why me? Because I have already created 3 businesses from scratch, all of which have been and still are successful in their own rights. As with everyone, our lifestyles change as do our priorities and with this in mind I would like to offer my services to help you make the step change in your life to improve your life / work balance. Are you wanting to change your hobby into a business? Have you invested in a business but are stuck for ideas on where to take it forward? Is your business not moving in the way you want it to? Do you struggle with certain aspects of your business? That’s where I come in, with the right Focus that I can give you, you can Achieve Results in a way that suits you and your business.

My basics so far have been setting up this blog page, somewhere for you to come to and see what I’m up to. I intend to use this to give you hints and tips. I’ve invested in my own personal domain, fancy schmancy eh? And I’m linking all the social media bit of the business together now. Basics part 1 done!


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