My Story

You’ll be pleased to know that I have a career spanning 25 years working in big corporations and running my own businesses. Whilst working in these companies both in the UK and abroad I have learnt how to communicate effectively, my people skills have developed and I have grown into a team player.

I love sushi, dancing and listening to the success stories of others (normally via Audible!).I live in a leafy, suburb of Nottingham with my son, spaniel and other half. My son was born prematurely and as a result I couldn’t envisage returning back to work, when he was  8 months old my life was turned upside down and 5 months later I began my journey into self-employment and being a single mum.

In the time since then, I have completely turned my life around, any doubts I had, have been kicked to the kerb and I love encouraging others to do the same. Sometimes life has a horrible habit of throwing continuous curveballs at us, it’s knowing how to throw them back which can change the way our lives are lead.

Specialising in working on a one to one basis with women who have entered the world of self-employment, I can help create an online environment that you are confident to work in. We will discover together what fears you have surrounding different areas of business and implement new processes to overcome them.

I can’t thank a good friend and mentor enough for encouraging me to turn what I have been doing privately for a few years into a ‘proper business’!