The whole of this guided meditation represents your journey to your big vision and how you are feeling about it subconsciously!

  • The water you see represents you life – is it calm and still, choppy, stormy?
  • Your destination may or may not have been clear, but should give you an idea of where you are heading in life
  • If your bag was empty it represents that you feel you aren’t fully prepared for your vision
  • Your map reveals whether you consider your ‘journey’ to a simple one or one filled with diversions / distractions, or perhaps not having a direction to go in
  • You oars, these are the skills you have to get you to to your end goal – do you know how to use them? Do you need someone to help you with them? Are you rowing with ease?
  • Take a look at who (if anyone) accompanied you – can they help you in achieving your vision in real life? Why are they there? What can you learn from them?
  • How did you boat hold up in the storm? The storm represents the obstacles, the failures we encounter in any journey we go on. How did the storm make you feel? Were you calm? Could you make another plan? Did you feel defeated? How do you cope with stress?
  • Let’s look at the building – was it a workplace? A home? Did you own it?
  • Who was giving you the gift and what was it? (could you see the gift?)