The Thief of Joy

Yep, you guessed it I’m talking about comparison. Or maybe you didn’t guess it because you were too busy comparing yourself to the woman on the bus opposite you. Her shoes are amazing, there’s no way you could walk in those though, he hair is immaculate and her nails are manicured within an inch of their lives yet you only look like that when going out on a special occasion, her ass is a peachy as could be – clearly she doesn’t have children, oh no, she does have children – they are sat right there being the image of perfection. You on the other hand would never dare take your child on a bus for fear of the impact their feral behaviour might cause on others!

Comparison is the thief of joy

Or perhaps, you are thinking about changing your career – you want to have the work / life balance. You have been watching (stalking perhaps) the lady in the next town, she’s nailing this mummy / business owner combo. How the heck does she do it? Whatever she’s doing in life, that’s how you want to be, having the flexibility to be at all the school activities for your children, or even have lunch with friends when you fancy it. But it all seems that step to far from what your reality now. Why?

Because you are comparing yourself to somebody else. It’s as simple as that. And if we all did that we would all be miserable.


Firstly, we will never know everything about the lady on the bus, or the woman in the next town over living the life and running the business you so desire. Likewise, they will never know everything about you. Everyone’s situation is different, financially, geographically, our education and our beliefs – life would be boring if we were all the same.

Secondly, what makes you different is you! You will find your niche, you will find your customer base – which is likely to be slightly different to anyone else’s. Just be you and be content with that.

being happy with your own self is a major key to being confident enough to pursue your desires

On that note, being happy with your own self is a major key to being confident enough to pursue your desires. Maybe this is the area of your life you need to work on the most. What do you currently do for personal development? You may have left school years ago but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still be learning. Personal development, whether it be through podcasts, books or videos will stand you apart, it will give you the confidence to talk with conviction about yourself and your business. If you aren’t confident when talking to people, why should they have the confidence to believe in you.

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