Prepare and then REALLY prepare!

Are you really prepared for 2022? Honestly? Are you?

Have you set your intentions for what you would like to achieve, bother personally and for your business?

I ask these questions because, I truly believe that it’s key for us all to have a sense of direction in our lives. The direction that can give us motivation to get up on a Monday morning and the drive to push through when it feels like everything is against us.

Let’s be honest, we couldn’t have prepared for the last 2 years and how our businesses have been affected. It was seemingly incomprehensible that the world would shut down, yet that’s what happened. And we weren’t prepared, how could we have been?

And now, as things begin to feel a bit more ‘normal’ again (new normal perhaps) we can look forwards with a sense of optimism and that’s exactly what I’m asking you to do.

PLAY ALONG WITH ME HERE….. There is a method to my madness!

Firstly, I invite you to create some big, crazy ass dreams for your business in particular. The bigger, more audascious the better!

Here’s some questions to help you along:

  • What’s your annual income target, pre and post expenses?
  • Where do you want to be seen / heard?
  • How many new clients will you have in 2022?
  • How many returning clients will you have in 2022?
  • What personal development will you invest in?
  • How are you going to be showing up?
  • What area of your business will you outsource?
  • Who will you bring into your business to help you grow?

Expand your energy when you think about those questions, feel into them. Let your dreams run free onto a piece of paper – write it down and put it out to the universe, speak it out loud – your voice contains a frequency which send out a little ripple of energy.

And here, unfortunately, is where most people’s intention setting ends

Go that extra mile to prepare yourself for 2022. There is more to making this happen than just writing them down. You have to be energetically connected and aligned with them for them to truly become a reality.

On reading back on your intentions, how are they making you feel? AND…..what thoughts are coming up for you?

Notice the limiting thoughts that are creeping in…’who are you to think that you can achieve all of that?’, ‘you’ve tried that before and failed’, ‘nobody listens to anything you have to say’….. these limiting thoughts and beliefs are what are truly holding you back from achieving those previously set intentions.

So, how do you transform them so that you can manifest your best 2022 year in business?

With the power of the Energy Alignment Method (EAM). With EAM, in 5 simple steps you can release a negative thought and then reprogramme your brain to thoughts and beliefs that are going to support you in manifesting your intentions for the year.

It’s more than positive thinking, it allows you to tap into the experiences that you’ve brought from the past into the present that are being held in your energy fields. Experiences that are influencing your day to day actions without you realising it, for you, it’s your normal, your reality.

I’m here to help you in letting go of all of the crap that’s been holding you back, support you in creating a plan to achieve your intentions and be your biggest cheerleader throughout. If you’d like a 30 minute chat with me about how this would look for you simply hit this button below

7 Journalling Prompts

Do you enjoy the thrill of writing in a notebook? Do written words on a screen give you a buzz? Are you a random journaller like myself or do you commit to putting pen to paper on a daily basis?

I have to be in the mood for scribbling down my thoughts, I have, however learnt that these journalling does help my brain farts form ideas, ideas that can be turned into projects, podcasts or even programmes! My mind is forever in combat mode with itself – fighting for the ideas to be set free and the sensible side fighting for some sense of calm, it’s a dizziness I’ve grown to love and appreciate. But back to journalling, or heart storming as I like to refer to it sometimes, journalling works best for me if I give myself a theme or a title to work from rather than just scribing for the sheer purpose of getting words down. With that in mind – here are 7 sentences designed to get your mind thinking about the future. You don’t need to be thinking about the how to get there, all you need to be doing right now is writing down all the thoughts that come into your mind when thinking about the topic, no censoring allowed!

  1. What is it that you actually want to create in your own life?
  2. How do you want your lifestyle to look 5 years from now?
  3. How do you want your day to day schedule to look 5 years from now?
  4. When you wake in the morning, how do you want to feel?
  5. Who are you spending your time with?
  6. What is it that you truly care about?
  7. How do you want to be remembered, what is your legacy?

My Daily Checkins

Please excuse the Moomins vest top! When I get the urge to do Facebook live I do it there and then, normally forgetting that I’m probably not in my best attire and that I don’t have any make up on, but guess what? That’s who I am!

In this short video, I explain how I maintain my flow, what I do on a daily basis, how I check in with my energy levels and see where I have any blocks or resistances stopping me from aligning to my best life

Can Ambition Kill Your Success?

What did you want to be when you were younger? I wanted to be a Hair Hostess – combining my love of hairdressing with my love of wanting to travel the world. Therefore being an air hostess who did passengers hair for their arrival on holidays was the perfect solution! Needless to say that this didn’t pan out but mainly because my passions changed (I still think it’s an awesome idea!) Ambition was given to me by my parents, not because they were high achievers but they wanted me to be successful and I wanted to make them happy.


Moving forward a few years, to my late teens, early to mid 90s. My parent’s led me to believe that having a career, being independent and having a house was the way to go, it was ‘what was done’. In hindsight, although I enjoyed university I may have chosen the wrong degree (swayed by my parents again), but I was set on the course to success. And for a few years it truly felt like that, a good education behind me followed by 2 years living and working abroad. My independence grew, my parents were proud and I was seen to be the achiever. I returned at bagged myself a job at a very well-known international company. My success was surely sealed, I would work my way through the ranks. I would work hard and I would achieve. My continued independence would see me in sharp stilettoed heels, glasses perched on the end of my nose and lots of important meetings, some even involved a flight abroad! Because that’s what success looks like isn’t it?

Over time, the novelty wore off. The same daily commute, the same faces (some of whom I love dearly still), the same bland walls. But if I wanted the ambition I’d had when I was younger then I needed to persevere, after all if others could do it then so could I. My personal life changed, I became older and I began to consider giving it all up. Everything I had thought represented success since my teens, the drive to climb the ranks was dissipating. But what would people think? What if I couldn’t make it alone?

My ambition had changed, the corporate career wasn’t what I thought it was and I certainly didn’t want to spend my days taking on more and more responsibilities for a company where 90% of the employees didn’t know my name and the pay wasn’t reflected. My priorities had changed and happiness became key to my success.  And so I threw in the towel. I could hear the worry from my father seeping down the phone line. And do you know what? It was the best decision I ever made. I’m now living my life for myself. I measure my success annually based on what I’ve achieved and sometimes it’s not remotely related to work!

I still have a desire to travel and this ambition will probably always stay with me, and let’s be honest it’s one that can easily be achieved with a little forward planning and can be spread over many years. This ambition is one I want to instill in my son too.

It’s important to make sure your ambition is one that is making you happy, not one that you think you should have. If you have to analyse your life and the factors which will make you feel like you are succeeding I couldn’t advise it more strongly.

The 10 ‘C’s’ of Performance Insurance

Performance Insurance

We all want our businesses to do well, we want them to succeed and for us to have a business we can be proud of. My 10 C’s listed below will insure that your business performs above and beyond what you might expect. Who knew that there were so many business related words beginning with C that will keep you focussed on your goals no matter whether they are long term or short term.

1. CONSIDER where you would like to be in 5 years time, spend 30 seconds visualising the picture. Who are you with? Where are you? What are you doing? Jot it down and contextualise it. This is what you are striving for.

2. CONSISTENCY. Whichever part of your business you are focussing on, consistency is the key. Your brand, your business has to be seen to be active in what ever it does. If you are known to email your customers 2 a month then don’t miss a month – out of sight is out of mind.

3. CLEAR COMMUNICATION Whether you are talking to your customers, your employees, your suppliers or your accountant, you must be clear about what you require. Share with them your goals and desire so they can understand why you might do certain things.

4. CHALLENGE ISSUES which arise. Sometimes our challenges feel like they come on a daily basis, sometimes we can go months plain sailing. But challenges are put there for you to learn from. Confront (another C!) them head on push through to the other side rather than letting them stop you in your tracks

5. CORE SYSTEMS AND PROCESSES are in place. Aren’t they? No? Well, start thinking about how you could work smarter by implementing them. working smarter using systems and processes saves us time in the long run.

6. CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT How often to you review your database of clients? If you haven’t heard from them for 3 years chances are they have moved on or no longer require your services. Keep your customer database up to date so that you can send relevant mailshots. Keeping your customers happy is KEY to a successful business.

7. CALCULATE your financial performance. Have you kept up to date accounts? Have you invested in a piece of equipment and not checked to see if it was money well spent (return on investment). Knowing your financial position is vital to a successful business.

8. COMPARE yourself and your business to those who are in the position you want be and see what their strengths and weaknesses are. This can give you a clear idea on what areas of your business to focus on

9 CLOSELY monitor where you are at. In the systems and processes you have created (see point 5!) you need to schedule in time to review if you are on track. Do you need to make any adjustments?

10. COACH yourself. Entrepreneurs and self employed people are on a continuous learning journey. One which will see themselves transform from one person into another and then another. As time passes our outlooks on life change as does the knowledge we have acquired. Learning new skills is possibly one the the most important weapons in your business armoury!

10 steps to achieving your goals


Have you written your goals for 2015? If you have, congratulations – you are in the 3% of the population who have. You’ve started thinking about how great next year will be for you, you have some short term goals and some longer term goals to keep you motivated (that’s another blog entirely!). If you haven’t written them yet, it doesn’t matter – your 365 days can start now!

But how are you going to keep yourself going over the next 12 months? Here’s 10 steps to keep you on track.

1. Face the fear. If your goal doesn’t scare you a little bit then it’s probably far to achievable and you aren’t challenging yourself enough. Go on – set the bar higher for yourself!

2. Tell Others. One way to make you want to succeed is to not feel like a failure in front of others. So…..tell people, telling people what your goals (dreams) are will make you more inclined to prove to them and yourself that you can make it work.

3. Prioritize. List your goals and make note of the ones that will make the most difference to you. Those are the ones you should be focussing on

4. Be financially prepared. Not all goals need a budget but some do, make sure you have allowed for some expenditure in your accounts

5. Create your action plan. You have your goals which is fantastic, but you need to figure out how you are going to achieve them

6. Stay focussed. It’s pointless setting yourself goals for the year if you aren’t going to work on them until October with the hopes of achieving them all. You MUST work on your goals weekly, if not daily.

7. Be a student. Keep learning. Listen to books, read literature, keep tabs on your competitors and what is new in your industry

8. Stay inspired. If you aren’t inspired to achieve your goals then you won’t have the motivation to work on them

9. Walk don’t run. You can see the end in your mind and it would be so easy if we could reach the end quickly but almost always we have to remain patient and work on the smaller tasks before we can take pleasure in achieving the result

10. Celebrate the small. Along the path to your end goals you will have some smaller milestones. When you achieve these give yourself a pat on the back, a glass of wine or a meal out. This helps you stay motivated.