4 ideas for Valentines marketing

Love it or hate it, we cannot escape the fact that Valentine’s Day is firmly fixed in the calendar and as such it should be date that you are embracing for your business. Commericalism at it’s greatest as couples and hopeless romantics tell each their beloved (or their object of desire) how wonderful they are and undoubtedly spend money doing so! So how are you maximising your sales for February 14th? IF you haven’t already thought about it, begin now! Right now!

Let’s brain storm……traditionally people are looking for cards, cuddly toys, chocolates, candles and a romantic meal. But why should it stop there? What business are you in and what spin could you put onto your products and services this week?

Run a cafe? Offer an afternoon tea for 2. Are you a beauty therapist – ooh, plenty of options there – massages, vouchers, make overs. Going back to the massage – can you do an offer around your oils? Do you make jewellery? I would target both the men and the ladies for jewellery, often it’s a  subjective choice and we’d hate for the men to make the wrong choice. Are you a personal assistant – offer to take on the menial tasks for the week so they can concentrate on their other half, or even better arrange to do the Valentines’ shopping for them! There is an option for almost every business out there. If you are struggling to come up with an idea, please just drop me a line and we’ll see what we can come up with.

Here’s 4 ideas for marketing your business this week on social media:

1: Giveaway something that doesn’t cost you too much but will attract new customers. A sample of your product or even a discount code for a specific time period

2. Create a competition on social media and PROMOTE IT!

3. Share statistics on the lead up to the big day, create engagement and interation on your social media platforms

4. Organise an event specifically for Valentines

Don’t panic if you don’t have the budget of the companies who spend to place ads in the superbowl, or brightly lit billboards in Trafalgar Square, the above can be achieved with little or no budget and still be just as effective to you target audience.

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