When I meet with clients I will often send them away with a list of useful website that they can use to grow their business and save themselves time. I run my business predominantly from my phone and there’s soooo many apps that are great for us digital types but for me, I probably use the following 3 on a daily basis

Perhaps it’s time I share them with you!

Planoly – Instagram is becoming more and more popular but it can be time consuming to think about what to post everyday. Planoly is great as it’s a platform which you can use on your laptop and also as an app on your phone. On the free version you can upload 18 images a month as you can see your Instagram grid through the app you can see how your content is going to look, rescheduling them if you need to. I love it and hope you do too. Don’t forget to connect with me over on Insta, my user name is @claircarrington

VideoShow – I love, love, love this app. It allows me to repurpose images and video content soooo easily. For example, I download individual stories (images or videos) I have created in Instagram stories, I can then upload them into VideoShow and merge them into a longer video which I can then share on my blog, Facebook, website, Twitter – anywhere people will see it! Honestly a fab app you should check out. NB: i use android and I’m not sure if this is available on IOS. Oh I forgot to mention that it’s FREE. Gotta love a free app.

WordSwag – This app does cost, only a few pounds but is worth it in my opinion. It comes with stock photos from Pixabay, but you can upload your own images too. Wordsway is great for creating images with fancy font writing overlaid on the photo.

2 additional sites I use regularly ar these

Pixabay – mentioned above, it’a great site for free photos you can use for your social media. Check it out. Don’t be caught out by the stock photo images at the top of the searches which will cost you!

SAMSUNG NOTES – We need to remember so much nowadays and I don’t always have my notepad and pen with me, but with Notes i can leave myself voice messages to catch up with later on the day.

Which are your favourite apps I’d love to know?