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How the customer journey works for Apple consumers & how you can implement this in YOUR business

When it comes to global brands, few are as well-known and successful as Apple. One of the reasons for this is the company’s ability to create a clear and effective marketing customer journey for its consumers. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at how the customer journey works for Apple customers and […]

Prepare and then REALLY prepare!

Are you really prepared for 2022? Honestly? Are you? Have you set your intentions for what you would like to achieve, bother personally and for your business? I ask these questions because, I truly believe that it’s key for us all to have a sense of direction in our lives. The direction that can give […]

Say Hi To Your New Competitor In Town

      Wow! What did that title bring up for you? What did you think this post would be about? My blog posts aren’t long thought about topics, I’m normally inspired by something someone says in passing or something I’ve read. This morning, on my dog-jog-walk (I don’t do long jogs, yet!) I noticed […]

Tell Your Ego To Back The F**£ Up!

          That’s right, I swore. Well kind of. But hopefully the title of this blog post will catch your attention because your own ego will be thinking ‘she’s talking about me, I must read it and prove her wrong’! Because that is what the ego is all about, self-centred, self-admiration, psyche-centred […]

7 Journalling Prompts

Do you enjoy the thrill of writing in a notebook? Do written words on a screen give you a buzz? Are you a random journaller like myself or do you commit to putting pen to paper on a daily basis? I have to be in the mood for scribbling down my thoughts, I have, however […]