Why you should write a blog…..

  • it helps create and own your identity within your industry
  • marks you as a leader within your niche
  • increases your collaboration opportunities
  • allows you to repurpose your content for your other marketing outlets
  • With strategic keywords and SEO, your written content can be found for eternity.

As the social space intensifies, demonstrating your knowledge in your industry can feel overwhelming if you aren’t sure what to post about….use these 5 pointers to guide you to your next blog topics. Click on the PDF to save to your device

Imagine that amazing feeling you get when your blog goes viral, or when a magazine publishes what you have written…..

What would that mean for you? More importantly, what would that mean fore your business?

I’ve created a training den for women just like you. Women who know that they have the knowledged and expertise within them but are unsure of how to share it all and where to share. Within the Revamped training Den I have collaborated with Penny Harrison who has worked for the national press and is now a freelance PR consultant – she has some top tips on getting your content out into the media. Getting eyes on your business.

You can access that and more trainings for just £9.99 a month, with no contract.Simply click on the link below to gain immediate access to the Revamped Training Den