Tell Your Ego To Back The F**£ Up!






That’s right, I swore.

Well kind of. But hopefully the title of this blog post will catch your attention because your own ego will be thinking ‘she’s talking about me, I must read it and prove her wrong’! Because that is what the ego is all about, self-centred, self-admiration, psyche-centred actions which make us behave and react in ways that our true self might not.

When we relate the word ego to someone, it’s normally a negative connotation. We use phrases such as ‘they are ego driven’ or ‘one day we’ll see their alter-ego’ – all ego related phrases tend to relate to the person in question having an air of arrogance about them. So, if I told you that your ego is stopping you from moving forwards in your business and your life would you take offence? I hope not.

We all have an ego. The ego is energetically placed in our solar plexus chakra, along with our identity and our personality. The solar plexus is there to guide us on our true path. So why would I suggest you tell your ego to take a walk? Well, when the ego is all out of whack it can cause you to come across as arrogant to others but it can also be THE resistance you have to making progress in your life and business.

Your ego can make you believe that you are something you aren’t – for some that is making them believe that they are the best thing since sliced bread (we all know those types!) and for others it can really bring them down. The beliefs that they are too overweight to attend an event that they really want to go to, thinking that they aren’t clever enough to put their dreams into actions, that they need make-up on before they can go onto video, that they don’t know enough to talk to people about their business, the list is endless and I KNOW you’ve thought similar at some point – we all have, me included! It’s called selling yourself short and it’s the EGO that making you do it!

Yes these are all classed as self-limiting beliefs, yes these are self-esteem issues (solar plexus related) and yes I can help you work through these blocks in our energy but what can you do for yourself?

Listen. Check in with those internal voices and question if it is your ego bringing you down, keeping you small, preventing you from moving forward in your life. Once you recognise those small, incessant thoughts you will be able to tell your ego to back the f@@k up and your true identity will be able to grow.