You’re An Entrepreneur


Believe it or not, if you have started up your own business and are registered as self-employed that classes you as an Entrepreneur! There are many, new derivations of this word being brandished around in the media – solopreneur and mumpreneur to name a couple. But they all boil down to the simple fact that you rely on YOU for your income, if you take a day off sick you won’t get paid for it, you are responsible for your the success of your business.

With that in mind there is ALWAYS something you could be doing to to help your business move forward. There are innumerable tasks you could be completing, but here are some of the key activities you should be doing.

Stay Focussed – take the time either in the evening or first thing in the morning to prioritize your day and what activities you need to accomplish

The Digital Side – how often do you review your website? Do all your links work? Is all the content up to date? Put 15 minutes aside each day to check all of your social media and respond, even briefly to those who need responding to.

Be Human – it’s very easy to sit and run your business from home, behind a screen. It’s important that you remember to go out and network, meet people face to face. It’s a great way to help your business grow.

Be A Student – Stay on top of your game, learn what is new and what is happening with your competitors. You need to show your customers that you are an expert in your area.

Don’t forget to take time our for yourself too – if you don’t take time for yourself, ultimately you will burn out and your business will suffer


Where do you get your inspirationfrom-

We only have to switch on our social media nowadays to be bombarded with motivation quotes and engaging pictures, but do these resonate within you? Do these, often subliminal, messages inspire you to get to your next milestone and to achieve greater things? With the New Year just a few days away are you searching for inspiration for how you want your personal and professional life to look for 2015?

Some people are inspired to drive themselves forward by following, or trying to follow, the same path of somebody famous who might have overcome adversity or an entrepreneur who has become unquestionably rich. Oprah Winfrey, Richard Branson and J K Rowling are some common inspirational figures. Rarely do people look closer to home for inspirational when, quite possibly, it could be easier to replicate.

Personally, I like an inspirational quote here and there, especially if paired with a great picture that I can relate to but it isn’t from here where i draw my inspiration. I’m much more likely to push myself harder and further after hearing stories of people who have succeeded despite difficulties thrown at them. People who I meet on a day to day basis provide me with the inner strength to move forwards and push myself to the next level. This works on a personal and a professional basis, drawing on the experiences of others. But rarely does that come from looking at text on the computer screen.

Where does your inspiration come from? Have you read a book recently that changed your outlook on life? Please let me know in the comments

10 steps to achieving your goals


Have you written your goals for 2015? If you have, congratulations – you are in the 3% of the population who have. You’ve started thinking about how great next year will be for you, you have some short term goals and some longer term goals to keep you motivated (that’s another blog entirely!). If you haven’t written them yet, it doesn’t matter – your 365 days can start now!

But how are you going to keep yourself going over the next 12 months? Here’s 10 steps to keep you on track.

1. Face the fear. If your goal doesn’t scare you a little bit then it’s probably far to achievable and you aren’t challenging yourself enough. Go on – set the bar higher for yourself!

2. Tell Others. One way to make you want to succeed is to not feel like a failure in front of others. So…..tell people, telling people what your goals (dreams) are will make you more inclined to prove to them and yourself that you can make it work.

3. Prioritize. List your goals and make note of the ones that will make the most difference to you. Those are the ones you should be focussing on

4. Be financially prepared. Not all goals need a budget but some do, make sure you have allowed for some expenditure in your accounts

5. Create your action plan. You have your goals which is fantastic, but you need to figure out how you are going to achieve them

6. Stay focussed. It’s pointless setting yourself goals for the year if you aren’t going to work on them until October with the hopes of achieving them all. You MUST work on your goals weekly, if not daily.

7. Be a student. Keep learning. Listen to books, read literature, keep tabs on your competitors and what is new in your industry

8. Stay inspired. If you aren’t inspired to achieve your goals then you won’t have the motivation to work on them

9. Walk don’t run. You can see the end in your mind and it would be so easy if we could reach the end quickly but almost always we have to remain patient and work on the smaller tasks before we can take pleasure in achieving the result

10. Celebrate the small. Along the path to your end goals you will have some smaller milestones. When you achieve these give yourself a pat on the back, a glass of wine or a meal out. This helps you stay motivated.

What will you take from 2014?


Take time to reflect on what you have learnt this year and what you can take from it into 2015.

What has made the biggest impact on your business, how did that come about? Some of us might have been on a super super training course which has changed the way in which we work, whilst others may have read a book that has changed their outlook on life. You may have made the worst business decision ever but I doubt that you would make it again and can therefore chalk it down to experience.

Have you had a think? Tell me what you have learnt this year in the comments below

3 Great habits to get into

Whether you are just starting out or have been in business for a while, it’s easy to slip into the familiarity of the daily routine. Its easy and you know what you’re doing in that cozy, comfort zone of your’s!

Time to break some of your habits and create some new ones! Here are 3 simple habits that can make you feel more organised, productive and have a sense of achievement at the same time.

1: EMAIL CLUTTER – Olease tell me you have folders in your email? If not, do it now! Create folders so that your inbox remains clutter free. Read them, file then in your folders or delete them. Keep a maximum of 30 emails in your inbox at any one time

2: PROJECTS – Multi tasking might seem like a great skill to have but if you have too many projects to manage at any one time it is impossible to give your full attention to each one. Keep your projects to a maximum of 3 so that you can effectively manage your time. Complete a project before you add another one to your mandate!

3: FOLLOW UPS – Set aside 15 minutes at the end of each day to contact everyone who needs a response. This could be a simple acknowledgement email to confirm you will be getting back to them, a quick text message or tweet to someone you need to thank. Building these relationships now will stand you in good stead for the future

Brand presence

One thing I am continually asked is ‘is it worth it?’. And the answer is always yes!

Your online brand presence needs to be consistent across the social media platforms you are comfortable with using. Note that you don’t have to use them all but of the ones you do begin to use you then have to allocate enough time to ensure you are promoting your business through them all.

Create the same message to your customers throughout, look at your pages from an outsiders point of view. Does it make sense to them as they flick from your Facebook to your website and then to your Twitter and Pinterest? Do all of them use the same colour scheme for example?

Brand presence doesn’t have to be tricky or take too much time, this is one situation where a little bit of pre-thinking can go a long way.